Sharing my Fly Templates: Minio, Mattermost, Directus, SFTPGo

Finally got a chance to build proper templates from all of the Fly apps I’ve built.

Wanted to share them here to get feedback and hopefully help others.

My updated version built from the original Fly AppKata. Added my notes for how I create public buckets.

SFTPGo is amazing and my favorite way to run FTP or SFTP servers (among other things). Shared my initial config.

You can configure your storage to be backed by a S3 bucket which makes this even more useful.

I hate paying the Slack Tax - so I’ve started using Mattermost. Runs great and it’s easy to work with.

Here’s my repo for a ChatGPT Bot on Mattermost hosted on Fly Machines as well.

I use Directus to provide a self-hosted API that has a nice admin panel for users to log into. Throw a Next.js Website in front of this thing and you’ve got a pretty flexible stack.

Hope it helps a few people! Contributions welcome.