I saw community members putting effort into creating guides for hosting OSS tools on Fly, e.g.:

Hosting Uptime Kuma on by @lubien
Sharing my Fly Templates: Minio, Mattermost, Directus, SFTPGo by @mhostetler

I think that’s super useful and I would love to find other OSS projects that are made “Fly Ready” by community members, so I created The idea is to have an index of OSS projects that can easily be ran on Generally I think a listing would consist of some bash commands + e.g. a custom Dockerfile to make the project work well with Fly secrets.

It’s very barebones right now, but didn’t want to complicate anything before getting feedback :grin: If anyone has feedback or wants to contribute, let me know!


Sweet! I’d love to contribute - I have a whole wishlist I’m thinking about and will be building out.


I have some other OSS projects running that I will add soon, e.g. I have a forum hosted there that’s built using Flarum:

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