Sever has been temporarily rate limited due to IP reputation.

I have a Rails app and I’m using mailgun service to send emails to my users. My app is using a shared IP and looks like at least Outlook is limiting my email sending to their servers because of IP reputation.

Probably to fix this I need to send the emails from another server, but I wanted to flag this in case I’m not the only one with this problem.

Hey that’s a bummer!

Shared IPs are tough to rely on with Email servers since reputation - especially as they tie to IPs - can be so touchy depending on each recipient server.

You said you’re using Mailgun to send the emails though? I would think if Outlook is responding with an IP rate limit the ratelimit is between Outlook and Mailgun’s IP, not’s.

For Mailgun you have to upgrade your account to at least “Foundation” to receive a dedicated IP for sending: Flexible Pricing & Email Delivery Plans - Email API Service | Mailgun. So unless you’re on that higher tier, it would be using a shared Mailgun IP address for outbound email.

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