Sentry integration: Support multiple envs in same project


So the way the Fly → Sentry integration currently works, Fly creates a new Sentry project for every Fly app. And at the same time, its very common to have the same application, but different environment (e.g., production vs. dev) as two separate Fly apps.

This is at odds with how Sentry suggests you work (one project, multiple environments), and has some pretty big implications for usage. Sentry projects contain configuration around e.g., how to map issues, how your stacktraces work, etc. which are project-specific – and they also explicitly support environment as something to filter on in various places in their UI. The result is that the default mode integration works in a non-optimal way.

Is there any chance we’re on the way to being able to configure this better, to e.g., point two Fly applications to the same Sentry project?

If not, can someone from Fly please tell me what would be missing if I opt to ignore the Fly → Sentry integration and just ‘manually’ set up Sentry? E.g., I know Fly sends some deployment and release information, is missing that of any import, and/or does it send other stuff thats important via this integration?

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