Sentry project missing, can't reset from fly CLI

First off thanks for integrating Sentry!

I’m having an issue similar to

I ran an initial fly ext sentry create on an existing Python app, and either my Sentry project never created successfully or it was quickly removed and now fly ext sentry dashboard leads me to Sentry wanting me to create a new project. I’m unsure how to reset my state and get Fly and Sentry back in sync for this app.

Fly app name is ama-tob, thanks!

Can you try to create the project again? We’ve made a change that allows Sentry projects with the same name on different orgs.

I was able to manually create an ama-tob Sentry project but I’m not sure how I’d link my Fly app to it.
fly ext sentry dashboard now opens up to a project I don’t have permission to.

fly ext sentry create
Error: A Sentry project named ama-tob already exists for app ama-tob

I think ideally there would be a fly ext sentry delete or reset that could reset Sentry state from Fly

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