Sentry intergration broke once we moved the app to an organisation

Hello, the initial integration to sentry was done when the app was in a Personal account.

We needed to move the app to a Organisation to allow mulitple users to view, edit etc but the Sentry app would not allow them to auth.

Sadly we nuked the Sentry Organisation on the Sentry side with the plan to set it up again but the command flyctl ext sentry create says a project already exists.

We do want to take advantage of Sentry (we had just managed to setup releases, sourcemaps, performance etc) but unsure how we can set it up again.

Any ideas?

@neilbarton Sorry for the trouble. We don’t handle org deletions on the Sentry side yet. Can you share the app name so we can fix this for you?

thank you, the accounts are deleted and deleted

Thanks - you should be good now.

thank you, will try again now

thank you that worked perfectly, top tier support :tophat:

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