How to enable autoscaling

How do i enable autoscaling? i’m getting this error message from the cli when i try to set autoscaling

Error Your organization is currently restricted to manual scaling. Please contact us at to upgrade to larger instances.

However, when i email that address, this is the automatic response i get:

This is an unmonitored support mailbox. We offer two kinds of technical support :

* Free and Hobby tier customers should use our community support forum:
* Email support is available with our Launch, Scale, and Enterprise plans:

If you have a plan with paid email support, please send an email to your personalized support email address. You can find this on your organization's billing page.

For billing and account questions, please email

The Fly Team

Autoscaling was previously possible on my account (i first tried the platform a while back, maybe a year or so)
This seems like an odd limit, which only hinders people who are experimenting with the platform to evaluate it or get a hang of it, Before starting to use it professionaly


This may be the obvious response but … have you tried emailing about it? That email says that can be used for account questions, which this would strike me as. I would guess you would need to add at the least a payment method to your account (so Fly can prevent abuse). Perhaps you already have.

Indeed i already have a payment method linked to the account, after i wrote this post yesterday i tried manual scaling as well, but it didn’t work either, and it gave me a similar error message that suggested i email this time, which i did, and now i’m just waiting for a response hoping this gets resolved, because it’s frustrating when you trying a platform and get hit by random hidden limits, especially when they’re so low.

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