Rest api for generating ssl certificates and custom domains?

Hello, I am building a saas that generates websites for our users, I was attracted to for its service of “custom domains and ssl at scale”, the fact is that I do not know anything about graphql and the documentation does not mention that it can use the same api as API Rest to create and generate certificates in an automated way.

I just wanted to know if it is possible to use the graphql api as a rest api, and if not, what other way would it have to automate the use of this service?


We don’t expose the certificate management as a REST API, but we have considered it.

What programming language are you using? The GraphQL calls are relatively simple for adding and removing certificates. We can probably find you a quick example.

Wow, amazing, thanks for answering so quickly.

I would have to make the call from a nodejs environment that runs in vercel functions, this could be done with a simple graphql client?

It can, yes! You can actually skip the client and just make HTTP requests if it’s easier.

We have a prebuilt node example that uses the graphql-request package.

Great, thank you very much for your reply