flyctl feature request: FLY_ORG env var

I use the FLY_APP env var extensively to run commands in the context of a specific application, with commands like bin/production status. I’d love for there to be an equivalent for setting the org, something like FLY_ORG, so I could run e.g. apps list in an org context without having to add -o orgname.

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if you weren’t aware, 6pn can fetch you all apps in an org as txt records of _apps.internal (ref).

Is that related to my request somehow? I did not ask for additional ways to list my apps. I am asking for a feature that would set the org flag while running fly commands.

This is a bug. We have a FLY_ORG env var for this but it’s only used when prompting for an org. This would be a good fix. Care to make an issue in GitHub - superfly/flyctl: Command line tools for services?

Done, thanks! FLY_ORG is not respected by org-level commands · Issue #2757 · superfly/flyctl · GitHub

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Ah, my bad. I assumed you might have been using flyctl for automation. Resolving txt records for _apps.internal over 6pn is one way out until the bug is fixed, is all.

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