Reporting issues with the website

I know that there’s not really a monitored support email address unless you’re a paying customer (I’m currently assessing hosting platforms, so not ready to take the plunge just yet), but is there a way of reporting issues with the website itself?

For example, if you’re on the details page for a specific app, and have the screen below a certain width (on my laptop, it’s 50% screen width), then the links to the dashboard don’t work, meaning you have to go to full screen, click the link, then back to half screen.

(The logo and dashboard buttons in the header for the screenshot below)

Yep. My website kept going down quite frequently when it was being hosted on I fixed it by migrating my site to another hosting provider (not sure if it would be appropriate to name it) that guarantees 100% uptime, even for free users.

A common solution to such problems is to add “Send Feedback” functionality to every page of the dashboard, website and docs. I am sure Fly will be able to gather some actionable feedback in this way. It is not a strain on support because feedback is just feedback. A feedback collector can then use the useful parts of it in the background without any communication or time pressures which is a win for both customer and supplier.

Thanks @dark-hippo, I have a fix in the works for this. The community forum is the best place to report these kinds of issues & feedback.

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