Is down?

When I visit the website and log in, I get a white screen with the text “500: Server error”. Similarly when I try flyctl status from the command line, I get the message “Error server returned a non-200 status code: 503”.

Is the site down? I checked and it says everything’s up, but neither the website or the command line are working for me right now.

My apps are working fine, including one that I was able to deploy earlier today, but as a new user trying out the service this is a bit scary!

I have the same result as you.

I have successfully browsed Fly’s website and have been using flyctl for several hours.
Perhaps this is occurring locally.

My account can’t login and can’t deploy, i really don’t know why …

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I am still having the same problem, glad to know that it is not just me experiencing this.

Although the error I get from using flyctl on the command line is slightly different from the one you are getting: Error server returned a non-200 status code: 503

Same here

We’ve had some overnight issues with some regions. It should be good now, can you give it another try? Sorry for the difficulties.

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Both the website and command line are working for me again - thank you!

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My function is all normal, thank you very much.

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