Removed LiteFS Cloud Cluster, now my logs are filled with errors every second. How to disable?

Hi! So I moved my app and removed the LiteFS Cloud cluster, but now it’s just logging every second that it can’t find the backup cluster and I have no clue how to disable this? I did a full restart of the app

2024-07-03T00:17:03.435 app[784e297ae633d8] ams [info] level=INFO msg="begin streaming backup" full-sync-interval=10s

2024-07-03T00:17:03.444 app[784e297ae633d8] ams [info] level=INFO msg="exiting streaming backup"

2024-07-03T00:17:03.444 app[784e297ae633d8] ams [info] level=INFO msg="backup stream failed, retrying: fetch position map: backup client error (404): cluster not found: 577501/spedix-main"

Hey @Spedix

LiteFS Cloud is automatically enabled if LiteFS is configured with LITEFS_CLOUD_TOKEN env var, so you’ll need to unset this secret to disable it:

$ flyctl secrets unset LITEFS_CLOUD_TOKEN

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