Remove IPv4 from pure background apps (no service definition)

I’m running simple background workers that do not have web facing HTTP/TCP service definition.

The worker itself only needs IPv4 and IPv6 outbound traffic, it doesn’t need a reserved full-fledged IPv4 inbound.

I noticed that an IPv4 is nonetheless provided, which would cost $ for Fly platform.
Having only inbound IPv6 for worker is good enough, and a NAT capable outbound IPv4 internal address is good enough.

Please give a way for the fly toml config to stop allocating external IPv4 for worker only apps.

One anycast IPv4 is free per fly app. Only additional ones cost $2/mo.

Unlimited anycast IPv6 are free, but fly does not support inbound UDP over IPv6 yet.

Reg connectivity: Ingress is free, so as long as the worker drops all external inbound traffic on the floor, that should do it for now. See also: Long running background tasks

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I think the point @user73 is trying to make is that the IP addresses likely aren’t free to itself, rather than themselves, and so not assigning an IP address to apps that don’t need one would be ideal.

The thread you linked seems to suggest that it is indeed already possible, though. Specifically this comment:

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