Assign entire subnets of public IP4/IP6 to a single app?

Is it possible to assign, say a /48 or /32 or /24 (and so on) IP6 (or IP4) to a single Fly app?

I presume that using IP4 may be charged per IP per mo, while IP6 would be free…?

If assigning subnets isn’t supported currently, does Fly intend to in near future?

We’ve thought about building this, at least for IPv6. What are you trying to do?

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Vend those addresses out to downstream clients, as a way to ID traffic coming from them, and apply whatever policies as set by them. The appeal is, such a mechanism would be protocol agnostic… I realise that today fly only supports TCP (over 4 and 6) and UDP (over 4) transports.