How we charge for additional IPv4?

Hi, I have read the pricing documentation and I’m curious about Anycast IP Addresses, it says additional IPv4 addresses are $2/month, but I don’t know if it charges right away immediately after I allocate a dedicated IPv4 address, or will it charge by the day?

Hi there!
That’s correct that dedicated IPv4s cost $2/mo, however we haven’t enabled billing for them yet.
Can you tell me what your use case is? If we know what your project is we may be able to help you better understand our billing and how it will affect you.


I was trying to create a Code Server when I saw your blog about it and an online multiplayer game that uses a TCP connection to run but I have a limited budget, so I just wanted to make sure that

What does this mean in practice? That they’re free for now but at some point you’ll start actually charging for them?

Yes, but we will give you notice before we flip that on.

Edit: I defer to @kurt feel free to count this as notice that we still start charging soon.


They’re not actually free. We just haven’t enabled billing for them yet. You should expect to pay for dedicated IPv4s when you allocate them.

will you retroactively bill for past months of usage?

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