Remove credit/debit card on an organization that has credits?

I added som credits to my personal account and hoped I would be able to remove the card that I got registered… but the stripe page doesn’t let me do that.

Also, would you start eating my credits before charging my card if I have both on an organization?


A CC is required I’m afraid.

Will defer to people from Fly on the credits-first question.

I was hoping to use the credits as “spending limit” by removing my CC.

It is unlikely, but I don’t like the prospect of having a potentially onbounded charge on my card. :slight_smile:

It is still possible to set charge/transaction limits on the card itself, right?

I suppose but at that point the damage is already done, the cost for 234TB bandwidth doesn’t disappear just because my card refuse to accept it :slight_smile:

It does vanish, we credit those bursts back. :smiley:

Prepaid credits do get used first!

We don’t have a way to remove a card yet, but that’s something we can do down the road once you’ve added credits. For now, just let us know when you get a shocking bill (we’re betting you won’t).

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Good to know, it is not keeping me up at night but I’m rather safe than sorry :slight_smile: