Buying Credits

Hello, I am confused as why there is an option to “Buy credits”? As an experiment, I did exactly that, hoping that I would be able to remove my credit card after I bought the credits. I have a unique use case where I am working for a public school district and want to have my students deploy Django web applications to a production environment. It would be pretty challenging to convince our administration to just indefinitely connect a payment device, such as a credit card, to my students’ accounts. How can I buy a set amount of credit ($25) and remove the payment method shortly thereafter? With Heroku’s recent announcement to remove their free tier, I am trying to find a low cost/no cost solution for my students. And, yes, I do understand that there exists a free tier, but I ran into a paywall when I tried to deploy a Django app w/ postgreSQL. This occurred even after I destroyed all of my existing apps. Any clarification on the Buying Credits option would be appreciated.


You can indeed buy credits and not have to put your credit card:

Head out to to see the place to buy it.

Hi @lubien - Thanks for your response. I understand that you can buy credits, I guess the thing that I’m not understanding is why I cannot remove my credit card after the credits have been purchased. Would this require a prepaid card? And, if so, what type? If someone can point me to a detailed description on - that would be appreciated.

Oh. For that, can you email with the same email of your account and we will look into that?