Remix Deployment Failing

Hey, I’ve deployed my remix app to fly in the past. Last deployment 2 months ago, so I make some changes, run flyctl deploy, and it gets to the point where it is deploying the docker image, and has one hash that is 0B/31.38MB. It never gets higher than 0B:

Then after a while, it times out and shows this:

This is kind of urgent since a client just wanted small changes made and is expecting them to be live :expressionless:

I was seeing the same thing yesterday. Also with a remix app and also “failed size validation” on the debian image. It was my first time deploying to so I thought I was doing something wrong. But it eventually just started working after a few retries. I suspect it was just an intermittent issue. It may be related to this Status - Emergency volume array maintenance in IAD

Yea I’ve been retrying, but its only gotten worse :frowning: more hashes stuck at 0B.

Figured it out. Builder on fly was broken, errored out and was set to not restart. Delete the builder that the fly.toml is pointing to (which I thought it would point to something else after making a new project 5 times), and it builds with a fresh builder. All is working now :slight_smile: