fly deploy stopped working

It just stopped working and I have no idea how to make it work again…

I really want to love but it’s getting hard having to delete my app and recreate it everytime I encounter bugs I can’t solve. :frowning:

Any ideas how I can fix this?

I tried with fly deploy --no-cache and I tried locally and remote and nothing worked.

It started roughly around the same time I added a Config.Provider and a releases config in mix.exs and it was causing this “cache” issue.

releases: [
  default: [
    config_providers: [
      {DopplerConfigProvider, []}

When I switched :default to :my_app the build started working again.

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Glad to hear you found the solution.

The error message here comes from Docker, so nothing specific to the Fly platform. It means that the file in the rel directory did not exist. Docker will not figure this out for you - you’d have to change the Dockerfile if you wanted to use a release with a different name. Does this make sense?