Remix app setup with HTTPS for local development

Is there a way I could setup my remix to run through HTTPS protocol when running npm run dev instead of HTTP? I’m not sure how to set this up with as most documentation points to doing this through express app server.


Isn’t that npm run dev just for local development :thinking: And so … not related to Fly?

That command should run a test server e.g at http://localhost:3000. If you wanted https://localhost:3000 locally, you would need to create a self-signed cert on your local machine. How exactly you would do that depends on your OS.

Ya, it is more so to do with Remix. I am just unsure how to set up my package.json script for “dev” to use the self-signed certificate. Most examples I see are using express server, and I am unsure how to implement this for a remix app that is created to be used with

I think something like this should work How to Setup HTTPS Locally with create-react-app , but it is using react-scripts to run the dev environment. I am unsure what I would have to use through remix to make this work.