Dashboard shows certificate issued but still being served a localhost certificate

My dashboard and the CLI show that I’ve successfully managed to get a certificate issued, and I’ve configured my DNS with an A record to point at my app but fly still seems to be serving a localhost certificate. Is there an extra step past generating the certificate I need to take to apply it to the app?

There is not, it should work immediately.

Can you run curl? If so, will you run this and post the output?

curl -v https://<yourhostname> -D - -o /dev/null -sS

Also have a look at debug.fly.dev and let me know what Fly-Region: <code> you see in the headers.

Ah sorry it looks like I had a failed deploy and thus didn’t switch from handling TLS inside my container to actually relying on fly’s handlers. Thanks.

Well that’s a relief. Certificates are my least favorite thing to debug, and I’m on the hook for that today!