Remix app not loading on Safari - DNS related?

hey there - my new site i just launched: seems to not be loading for me in safari only. It also seems to work for some folks and not for others.

I feel it must be DNS related because when I visit the original URL, it works great.

I’m not seeing any console errors but any idea what might be going on?

Strange …

Sometimes when you get issues with one device working and not another, it can be to do with IPv4 / IPv4. Since modern devices will generally happily resolve IPv6 but older ones won’t. Do you have both a A record and a AAAA record set up for your custom domain?

If so, what error message do you see when you try your own domain?

Does it work when using curl? That can reveal a bit more about headers and whatnot. If you have curl, if you open a terminal window and try e.g curl -I … what does that reveal? Should be a load of headers, hopefully returned from Fly! If not, the headers could show where the request actually is going.

Thanks, Greg- interestingly enough it does seem to work now. I did verify that I have the AAAA and A records set. and the curl test did give me back some headers from fly…

Do you have safari? Everything look good for you: ?

appreciate the help!

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Fine here in Safari.

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Maybe just needed to give it more time to propagate? Weird. Anyway, glad all good.

Thanks all!

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