Releases IP Help: Moving from AWS EC2 Instances to Azure VMs


We are moving from EC2 to Microsoft Azure VMs, is there a way for us to change the IP under releases pointing to the new server or is this a manual process on your end?

Hi Matt,

Does this help? - flyctl ips

Thank you I will check this out

The server setup for transfer took longer than expected. Using the flyctl ips list -a <appname> does not list the ips. This may be due to the fact that we are a javascript app vs a container app

It seems that flyctl cli does not work with the older javascript app. I tried to use the old fly cli to change the releases config but it is deprecated.

We would like to transfer over the weekend at a later time to minimize downtime impact if there is a solution to this.

Ah, yeah this is a problem. JavaScript apps are all in readonly mode. The solution here is to move to a container setup with an nginx config. Updating the origin will be quick and easy after that.

Once you get a new setup running that you like, we can import your existing certificates with no issues.

@kurt Would you have time today or tomorrow for a short Zoom call to walk through this so we can get off the old JavaScript based app system and stop hitting the forums with legacy issues?