Regions in flyctl not same as in regions.json

flyctl platform regions shows a shorter list of regions than
Does the regions.json contain locations that are not available?
If not, why does the CLI not show the same list?

The json version includes all our edge regions. These are regions that will accept traffic but won’t run application VMs.

The CLI only includes regions you can provision VMs to.

Does that help?

Yes, this does help.
Could I have read in the docs somewhere about the regions.json and how that differs from CLI output?

Honestly, I’m loving Fly but quite often run into ‘documentation issues’, where e.g. the flyctl docs are not in sync with actual CLI, or I read something on community site that is not in the docs.

I know, docs is hard, so much going on, rather focus on dev, etc.
I’m a fan of Fly so far, would just really like to see the official docs be more up to date/complete

I don’t think we document edge regions in the docs, partially because they change pretty frequently! We only built the json file so Grafana could make a nice graph, they’re usually not something you need to know about.

Docs are important to us, though, so you should definitely post here (or make a PR!) when you find something wrong.

Thanks Kurt, I will post here when I run into docs ‘issues’, or create a PR.