Regional IP address available yet?

I think I read you’re going to provide regional IP, I wonder if it’s possible yet?

What I’m looking for is force connecting to a specific region without setting headers (since it’s WebSockets, and the browser doesn’t accept headers client side)

We have regional IPs available but not exposed through the CLI just yet. These are the regions we can add them in:


Do you want me to add IPs from any of those to your app for now?

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Cool, can you add one in iad for there-nur?

(PS. How much will they cost? That brings me to a feature request: an estimate of monthly charge in the dashboard would be lovely!)

Yup, it sucks to calculate the cost manually.
It isn’t hard to find out, just a time waster

Hey Kurt, is it possible to get a regional IP address in Europe now? We need this so much :slight_smile: I want it for our there-nur service

You can! The latest flyctl supports a --region arg for IP allocation. London is the only European region with its own IP block right now:

fly ips allocate-v4 --region lhr

Thank youuu, will enable now.

PS. How much does it cost?

Please add madras(India) regional ip. I get Error An unknown error occured. while trying to allocate-v4 with --region maa