Cannot allocate ipv6 addresses to specific regions

For all our apps and all regions, they run on, I cannot allocate ipv6 addresses to specific regions. :frowning:

apollo on  main [$!] is 📦 v1.0.0 via  v16.11.1 on ☁️  (eu-central-1) 
❯ flyctl ips allocate-v6 --verbose --json --region fra

Error An unknown error occured.

This is most probably fallout from more general internal API errors that are happening right now. The team is already on it, should clear up when that’s resolved.

This should be mostly sorted out now actually. Could you retry when you get the chance?

@alexander sorry, I mixed that up with a different issue. IPv6 allocations are in preview and not yet available in every region, let me find the currently supported list and get back to you.

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@sudhir.j did you had a chance to get the regions supporting this feature?

The last list is here Regional IP address available yet? - #2 by kurt

I can raise a request to add a region in, if you want.

@sudhir.j yes please raise a request to add following regions support for IPv6 regional ips. (since IPv4 works in lhr, IPv6 does not)

  1. ams
  2. lhr
  3. cdg
  4. fra
  5. mad

@sudhir.j Can you share an rough ETA on the support for IPv6 regional ips?

Don’t have an ETA just yet, but we are looking into it.