Feature requests: Region latency tests

I’m testing the viability of moving all my apps from an IaaS provider to flydotio(for all the free features like metrics and alerts) but I can’t seem to find an easy way to discover which region has better latency perfomance from my current location. I would love a flyctl command that displays the latency for all the available regions and highlights the best one for me.

This is a good point! We have a little demo app up that might help, if you scroll to the bottom of this you’ll see the nearest region and a latency estimate:

Seems London is the nearest.

Any chance you could add the Sydney datacentre to the demo app?

Yep! It’s added now!

Excellent, thanks Kurt.

Oddly, from my home I still get routed to HK. It is an odd connection though - out in the bush with no wires in site, so it’s 4g which is a bit opaque routing-wise. When I try over a ‘proper’ connection from town, it’s SYD as expected. I only mention this out of interest, it’s not an issue (I’m not actually using fly.io yet, just about to experiment with it).