Redis: max request size exceeded, failed to mget items

I’m using Fly Redis by Upstash on the 3G plan which should allow reads up to 10MB, but my requests are getting rejected when they are only around 1.2MB. This results in the application having to make requests out to S3 more often than it should need to.

Kind of annoying since I’m paying 90$/mo for this plan so I can get that higher 10MB max read request size.

Here’s a sample error log:

ts=2023-08-20T17:28:56.229215679Z caller=redis_client.go:242 level=warn name=chunks-cache msg="failed to mget items from redis" err="ERR max request size exceeded. Limit: 1048576 bytes, Actual: 1296815 bytes. See for details" items=0

Any tips? Is it maybe the use of MGET rather than GET?

Hi @liamkinne, could you share the app name this issue is impacting?

Hi @kd1 the app name is mimir-aerl-cloud.

Hello @liamkinne
There was a configuration glitch that your database config didn’t updated properly.
We have updated it now. So you can now use it.
We are internally investigating the issue and will improve our alerting mechanism further.


Thanks @bi1, the issue appears to be resolved.

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