Question about machine limits and creation


I’m making an app where it would be necessary to rapidly create and destroy machines.

  1. How many machines max can I create per app?
  2. Am I able to push multiple Docker images for one app?
  3. The machines docs says that the VMs can start in 300ms. Does the 300ms include the time it takes to get the Docker image and run it?

Thanks in advance.

We don’t currently impose any service limits on account with an active credit card. One thing to be aware of is depending on how you use machines, it’s possible to hit temporary capacity issues at the host and region level so we advise people using machines like your describing to spread them across multiple regions or have “fallback” regions when hitting the capacity issues.

Yes, the image is defined on the machine config so each machine can have a different one.

The 300ms is a typical time to boot for most uses. The size of the image does impact the time to boot if it’s not already present on the host.

Depending on your use case and how we’ve designed machines, there’s certain scenarios/workflows you can employ to help with boot time. Happy to discuss this further if you can provide more details on how you intend to use machines.

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