Push to Fly.io image registry via Docker API

I’d like to use Docker’s API to build my image and then push the image to my Fly.io app’s registry. Is this possible? I see that the docker api has a header we can use for authentication, but Fly.io seems to require using the command line to push an image to the Fly.io registry.

I’d like to avoid using the Fly CLI for this process if possible.

Yes, with:

  • Registry: registry.fly.io
  • Username: x
  • Password: any FLY_API_TOKEN
  • Image tag: <fly-app-name>:<id>

See: Session affinity ("sticky sessions")? - #9 by kurt | No such image error - #6 by kurt

Also: kentcdodds.com/deployment.yml at 61923537967f5f488ca2e9af690163194c09fd98 · kentcdodds/kentcdodds.com · GitHub

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Thank you for that. Additionally, I’m attempting to use the docker daemon app but deploying it mysteriously fails (the logs just stop). I’d like to use its API (without public networking) to build images. I also attempted to launch it as a machine to no avail. Does this repo still work?

Normal app name: docker-daemon
My machine app name: caddy-builder

One other user wanted to use the docker-daemon app too, but could only get it working partially: Scale-to-Zero/Wake-on-Request Docker on Fly

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