Publish updated fly-log-shipper image?

I’ve been running through the Fly Log Shipper quickstart guide and have been unable to get it to publish to loki.

I sshed into my app and noticed /etc/vector/loki.toml is not in the image

# ls /etc/vector/
aws_s3.toml  datadog.toml  honeycomb.toml  humio.toml  logdna.toml  logtail.toml  new_relic.toml  papertrail.toml  sematext.toml  uptrace.toml	vector.toml

Upon further investigation, the fly-log-shipper image was last published about a year ago and loki code was merged only 9 months ago.

Would you mind publishing an updated fly-log-shipper image so the quickstart guide works as expected without having to clone the repo?


@aaronrenner thanks for letting us know! I’ve updated the image. Please let us know if you run into any issues.

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I just tried it out and it works great! Thanks for fixing it so quickly!