Proxy not recognising healthy instance

Hi there,

I have an app with a single instance (I’m aware of the limitations of single instance apps) and the proxy keeps refusing to send requests claiming that there are no healthy instances but the healthchecks on the instance is passing. Redeploying seems to fix it for a few requests but then stops working. It seems nothing I do convinces the proxy that the instance is healthy.

2023-04-26T04:43:10.691 proxy[6e82dd0ea11487] syd [warn] Failed to proxy HTTP request (error: no known healthy instances found for route tcp/443. (hint: is your app shutdown? is there an ongoing deployment with a volume or using the 'immediate' strategy? if not, this could be a delayed state issue)). Retrying in 1000 ms (attempt 80)

Here’s the fly.toml

app = "[REDACTED]"
kill_signal = "SIGINT"
kill_timeout = 5
primary_region = "syd"  # See a list of regions here:

    auto_rollback = true
    private_network = true  # Allows Coder to connect to the database

     image = ""

    #CODER_VERBOSE = "true" # Uncomment this if you want to see more logs

    protocol = "tcp"
    internal_port = 3000
    processes = ["app"]

        port = 80
        handlers = ["http"]
        force_https = true

        port = 443
        handlers = ["tls", "http"]

        type = "connections"
        hard_limit = 25

        grace_period = "1s"
        interval = "15s"
        restart_limit = 4
        timeout = "2s"

Any ideas?

Contacted support and determined that it was due to the hard limit being reached. Increasing the hard limit fixed the issue. Thanks Brian!

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