Problem in restarting my apps - is there an outage?

Restarting my apps gives me an error:

Restarting machine 9185xxxxxxxxxx
Error: could not stop machine 9185xxxxxxxxxx: failed to restart VM 9185xxxxxxxxxx: internal: internal server error (Request ID: 01HV8Fxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-nrt)

Checking my logs, it says “timed out while connecting to your instance. this indicates a problem with your app (hint: look at your logs and metrics)”

Hey! We had an incident with machine creation and updates. We pushed an update, and it should be resolved now. Can you please try again? Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

still getting the same error:

Restarting machine 1781xxxxxxxxxx
Error: could not stop machine 1781xxxxxxxxxx: failed to restart VM 1781972a220d89: internal: internal server error (Request ID: 01HV8Gxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-nrt)

seems to be fine now, deleted the old machines and made new ones. my apps are now running fine.

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