My machines are down and an emergency maintenance has been going on for 4 days.


Suddently all the machines in my org are down. I managed to restart one for my app, but for another app I can’t even load the machines interface.

Also, according to the status, there have been an emergency maintenance for 4 days now.

Curious tho that indicates that everything is alright.

Why do indicate that everything is alright?

I had to destroy the two existing machines and create a new one for the app to be up again.

I got the same error. My application is down. I don’t know what could happened…

The machine is unreachable, and there is no image attached.

Quick incident information :ok_hand:t4:

Always good so far.

Hi Cyriac,
It looks like one of the machines you destroyed was on a host that was going through emergency maintenance (like you said). I’m not entirely sure why your entire app would be down, since presumably the other machine’s host was fine.
We strongly recommend having at least two machines per app, since host issues (whether physical or otherwise) can make your app unavailable.

Hi Brais, it looks like one of the machines in your app was on a broken host. The issue that was affecting that specific machine should be gone now, so your app should be totally reachable. I have two follow up questions:

  1. Were you able to reach your app at all? If you had one machine on a working host, and another on a broken one, your app should still be reachable.
  2. Were you able to do things like deploying to that app, or viewing it’s status? I understand that you don’t want to post private details about your app in the forum, but if you’d like to send additional details, you can send an email to and mention that ‘Billy’ to make sure I see the email.

Hi Billy, thank you for your help.

The app is not reachable at all so far.
I’m also trying to restart the machine and deploy a new image but I’m getting a server error response…

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