Private networking to MongoDB Atlas cloud


Our mongodb is going to be hosted in the mongo cloud with their atlas db service. For now I’ve just had to open the network to anyone, which isn’t ideal, to connect to it.

I was wondering if it’s possible to configure private networking to use atlas db?

They have 2 different options, but they are locked down to the main cloud providers. So you can do VPC peering or a private endpoint. But both options ask you to fill out specific details related to each cloud provider (AWS, Google or Azure).

Any suggestions welcome!


I don’t believe it is currently possible to whitelist an IP/range (as you don’t know the external IP Fly will use) or have an AWS VPC-equivalent.

I’d think you would need some form of proxy instance. For example this person had the same issue:

… or this thought, trying to peer with AWS for a different service …

I have never set up a Wireguard before, is there a video on setting this up, just an easier learning style for me.

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