Shared IPv4 and Whitelisting Woes

I’m pretty confused about how to whitelist my Fly app for MongoDB Atlas. Apparently I was assigned a shared IPv4 address when I launched my app, but whitelisting that with Atlas doesn’t work.

Then I read something about that not being the correct kind of IP address, but didn’t really understand. It doesn’t go in the right direction or something?

I then read the bottom of this page and it suggests that my IP address is IPv6? Atlas will not allow the whitelisting of IPv6 addresses.

Is there a way to make my Fly app talk to other stuff using the shared IPv4 address that was assigned when I launched it?

Or is the only “easy” solution to just allow access from any IP to my database? I know very little about networking (I don’t want to have to know).

Can anyone explain what I need to do in language that is suitable for a non-networky person?

Hi @SamStrong

IP Whitelisting is where you add the IP address of the source to a list at the target so that the target will allow communication from the source.

The shared IPv4 that gives your app is not the same IP address that your app servers uses to communicate with the internet. The shared IPv4 is for external sources wanting to communicate with your app.

For MongoDB atlas, you would need the IP address used to communicate from your app server to MongoDB atlas. Unfortunately does not publish these IP addresses.

@charsleysa Thanks for explaining! That’s a shame. I guess I’ll go learn how to do this with AWS.

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