Peering to TimescaleDB via VPC (virtual private cloud)


I am currently evaluating for a future project.

I couldn’t find anything specifically on VPC peering with as I’d like to connect to Timescale Forge.

Are there any plans for VPC peering in the future?

This may be kind of tricky for you at the moment. You can bridge your private network on to AWS using WireGuard, but you’ll need an instance on the AWS side to act as a WireGuard gateway. Here’s an example I wrote for a blog post some months ago:

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We have a similar question trying to connect to our mongo atlas cluster. Connecting with Heroku was trivial because Heroku is all AWS and they just expose the VPC peering APIs. As I understand it, runs across multiple cloud providers so exposing the equivalent to VPC peering wouldn’t work in every region (I could be wrong, just going based on hearsay).

The Wireguard solution is interesting, but the main reason we’re wanting to move our infrastructure management to is to get away from managing our own infrastructure. Granted, it’s just one box, but if we’ve got to set up high availability and rollover stuff on that for when we need to update dependencies or restart it, it starts to add up complexity in managing that thing. Is there work planned to solve this in the future? It really is the only hangup the decision makers here have with switching all of our services over to Fly.