Postgres public access

Hi, I’ve created a nodeJS project and added a postgresDB during the setup

The problem that I have now is that I want to connect to the DB from outside the machine. I can do it by using the proxy command pointing to the app but the problem is that I need to do that without the proxy command (since I need to connect the DB to an analytics software that doesn’t allow that)

I’ve tried to change the fly.toml file and add another service (since in the documentation says it can be multi service) but it seems that it replaces the node service’s config with the last one it finds and thus makes the app not public

This is the config that I tried:

app = "desky-api"

kill_signal = "SIGINT"
kill_timeout = 5
processes = []

  builder = "heroku/buildpacks:20"

  PORT = "8080"

  allowed_public_ports = []
  auto_rollback = true

  http_checks = []
  internal_port = 8080
  processes = ["app"]
  protocol = "tcp"
  script_checks = []

    hard_limit = 25
    soft_limit = 20
    type = "connections"

    force_https = true
    handlers = ["http"]
    port = 80

    handlers = ["tls", "http"]
    port = 443

    grace_period = "1s"
    interval = "15s"
    restart_limit = 0
    timeout = "2s"
  internal_port = 5432
  protocol = "tcp"
  # For secure connections
   handlers = ["tls"]
   port = 443

  # For insecure connections. 
   handlers = []
   port = 54320

Thanks a lot for the help

I wasn’t quite clear if you were using Fly’s Postgres, or your own.

If it’s Fly’s Postgres (generally better than doing it yourself, with HA etc, but up to you!), yes you can use a proxy but if can’t, you could attach an IP to it and then expose that to allow externals connections. Here’s how to do that: Multi-region PostgreSQL · Fly Docs

If it’s your own Postgres and can’t use the proxy, you could go about it another way by installing Wireguard. Your machine could then resolve Fly’s private pg-app-name.internal hostnames which of course otherwise it couldn’t. It’s then as if your machine was another Fly app within your private network. Here’s a guide for that approach depending on your OS: Private Networking · Fly Docs

Hi Greg!

I’m using fly’s postgres. I have added already an IPv4 and also IPv6 with a domain certificate too but no luck on connecting to it

But I’ve followed the guide and the key was to export the configuration, remove the line where it says

services = []

and add the following:

  internal_port = 5432 # Postgres instance
  protocol = "tcp"

  handlers = ["tls"]
  port = 443

  handlers = []
  port = 5432

Thanks a lot!

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