Unable to connect to fresh postgres app from Dbeaver

Hi, I just created a postgres app, I can connect with psql and another app deployed in fly, however, pgadmin, dbeaver and other clients hang trying to connect to this instance.

Could you help?

I don’t think Fly-automated Postgres (I am not a fan) is publicly accessible.

You’d need to use fly-proxy, if you’re not already:

As for connecting to Postgres from another Fly app (in the same org), are you doing what’s suggested? Connect From a Fly App · Fly Docs

Hi, I have tried using proxy redirection, and also using wireguard, but none of the methods work

Strange. Both apps in the same Fly org, correct? And the Postgres app is up and running (docs)?

What’s the output of fly doctor?

Try connecting after exec’ing fly wg websockets enable (ref).

Alternatively, it looks like you can assign public IPs to Fly-automated Postgres (docs) for $2/mo (IPv4).