Postgres metric shows wrong max size

Hi, I have launched Fly Postgres and increased volume to 5GB but in all metrics it shows that it only has initial 1GB. Is it a bug of metrics or what? Will I have issues with my DB when I reach 1GB data size?

This is most likely the Prometheus query taking long to be updated. You can rely on flyctl and our dashboard volume pages to see the most up to date max size in GB for your volumes.

Try to change your grafana dashboard to use the lasted 15 minutes to see if that helps.

I think you‚Äôre looking at the wrong graph- refer to ‚ÄėVolume Usage‚Äô, not ‚ÄėMemory Utilization‚Äô, for the graph showing your database volume‚Äôs usage.

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You are right, I was looking at the wrong graph. Thanks you both guys for the help!

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