Discrepancy Between Dashboard and App Machine Sizes

A few days ago I started noticing some of the following errors on my postgres instance:

ewr [error] Health check for your postgres vm has failed. Your instance has hit resource limits. Upgrading your instance / volume size or reducing your usage might help. [✗] memory: system spent 1.13s of the last 10 seconds waiting on memory (116.66µs) [✗] cpu: system spent 1.04s of the last 10 seconds waiting on cpu (23.61µs)

I decided to see if increasing the memory on my Postgres instance from 256MB to 1024MB would fix those errors. I did this a few days ago and when I go to https://fly.io/dashboard I see that instance as shared-cpu-1x@1024MB but when I go to https://fly.io/apps/my-app-name I still see shared-1x-cpu@256MB as the machine size.

Could someone explain to me why there would be this discrepancy? Which should I believe to be the actual size? Is there something I need to do to get these changes to take effect?


Hey @mgriisser, thanks for the report! It looks like the discrepancy was due to a bug in the UI. It should be fixed now.

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