ISSUE Postgres scale fails

I noticed that I’m running out of space on postgres app. (Unfortunately there are no notifications for that.)

I have tried to add more space by creating a new replica with a larger volume then promoting it to master but it failed. I described similar case a couple weeks ago here Postgres instance count increase fails but didn’t get any response.

> fly volumes create db_data --size 20
... created

> fly scale count 3
Count changed to 3

> fly scale show
VM Resources for db
        VM Size: shared-cpu-1x
      VM Memory: 2 GB
          Count: 3
 Max Per Region: Not set

I have created a new volume in the same region for the same db app. Scaled postgres to 3 (from 2). It confirmed that count changed to 3. But the third app has never been created. Though fly scale show says count: 3, postgres app version has been increased by 1, activity feed shows that new release deployed, list of volumes shows that the new volume remains empty and not attached to a vm, fly status shows only two apps.

Please advise. I was following steps from this post: How to convert your not-free Postgres to free Postgres

Did you create this new volume with the --no-encryption flag? You can check with fly volumes show <new-id>.

If it shows Encrypted: true, will you remove it and recreate with --no-encryption? Our PG clusters default to unencrypted volumes and mixing encrypted/unencrypted in the same app might be causing problems.

@kurt I did not use the --no-encryption flag, since your post didn’t mention it. Yes, it shows that the new volume is encrypted while the original volumes are not. Would be great to have an error message instead of confirming success.

Seems I don’t need to increase storage space after all. I panicked because UI showed that it’s 95% full, while filesystem shows only 41% full. See App Disk showing nearly full in new UI - #2 by Elder

BTW how to set up an alarm if case it’s close to running out of space?