Postgres docker version 12.9 not working

Trying to deploy a version 12 of postgress:

fly deploy . --app <app-name-here> --image flyio/postgres:12.9

However, it doesn’t let me deploy it. When I download the image locally and run I see the same error as when trying to deploy trough the cli:

panic: FLY_CONSUL_URL or CONSUL_URL are required

goroutine 1 [running]:
        /go/src/ +0x1b85

Am I missing something?

Hey there,

Do you have consul enabled within your fly.toml file?


  enable_consul = true

Yes! Already checked this and thanks for the quick reply.

Awesome, try removing the --image specification and redeploy.

Ok my bad - this error is just when running locally (which makes sense).

The actual error when trying to deploy:

2022-03-03T14:29:32Z   [info]keeper   | 2022-03-03 14:29:32.189 GMT [2107] LOG:  unrecognized configuration parameter "wal_keep_size" in file "/data/postgres/postgresql.conf" line 19
2022-03-03T14:29:32Z   [info]keeper   | 2022-03-03 14:29:32.189 GMT [2107] FATAL:  configuration file "/data/postgres/postgresql.conf" contains errors

I am specifically interested in deploying version 12 actually, would removing the --image flag not deploy latest?

Got it, so you will need to specify the image on the initial provision. You won’t be able to re-deploy an earlier major version overtop.

If you want to deploy a Postgres 12 cluster, you can run the following:

fly pg create --name <app-name> --image-ref flyio/postgres:12

now trying --image-ref found in:

but couldn’t find this in the cli


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I would note, however, that many of our optimizations moving forward will not be back-ported to Postgres 12. It’s two major versions behind the latest and we will likely be looking to officially deprecate it soon. Just as a heads up. :slight_smile:

Yeah makes total sense, but for some reason google data studio doesn’t support anything pg >12? I totally agree that this is outdated, thanks for the heads up!

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