Postgres-ha launch is failing due to consul_url not being set

I’m following the instructions here for creating the Postgres app. It fails with this message: “panic: FLY_CONSUL_URL or CONSUL_URL are required”. After hunting around on Google, it seemed like adding an experimental setting would help but it didn’t affect anything.


The flyctl CLI should be setting up the FLY_CONSUL_URL for you. What version of flyctl are you running?

Also, we’ve recently moved to a new method of high availability Postgres in a new repo called postgres-flex. It uses repmgr instead of Stolon for replication. We have a post on the new setup here: Improved Postgres Clustering with repmgr - Preview

flyctl v0.0.513 linux/amd64 Commit: de8910fd BuildDate: 2023-04-10T23:17:23Z

FWIW, I was lead down this path from the info here.

As it turns out I didn’t need to set this up myself, as the scaffolding for Elixir did it for me. Thanks!