Out of date Postgres instructions?

Point in Time Recovery for Postgres Flex using Barman mentions a new backup system for “Postgres Flex” versions after v0.0.42. I created my Postgres cluster using the instructions at Fly Postgres · Fly Docs, but even after running fly image update, fly status still reports “flyio/postgres:14.6 (v0.0.41)”. Did I miss a reference, or do the docs need to be updated?

hi @jyasskin

fly image update only works for minor versions. In your case, you’ll probably need to create a new Postgres cluster app with fly postgres create per the docs and then use fly pg import $SOURCE_URI --app <new postgres app name> to migrate your data.


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I’d expected fly image update to give an error message or something when it was refusing to do a major version upgrade. Maybe it would have if Fly hadn’t switched to the postgres-flex Docker name for this upgrade? I’ve filed Postgres instructions for `fly image update` should say how to notice a major version update · Issue #1269 · superfly/docs · GitHub for the docs to explain what we’re supposed to look for.

Anyway, thanks for confirming that this counts as a major upgrade that needs manual steps.

Hey @jyasskin

Thanks for contributing and pointing out things to improve. You are right (and my wording above about minor/major version is confusing): the issue here is that postgres-flex is a different image from the older postgres image. And since fly image update is not a postgres-specific command, it doesn’t account for the move to postgres-flex, but just looks for an update to the postgres image.

We’ll look at clearing this up as much as possible in the Postgres docs and at the output of the fly image update command.

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