Postgres DBs run out of memory and crash without any reason

Hey, in the last few days I get notified about my dbs running out of the memory. When I check memory metrics for those apps I don’t see any spike in memory usage but I can see that the server was restarted. Also those apps have almost 0 users and no complex queries so it’s unlikely that it’s a real problem. At the time of crash there were 0 users. Any clue what might be happening?


Hey @lukejagodzinski

Earlier today we shipped an update to a monitor process that runs alongside the VM. This had a memory leak which resulted in some apps going OOM. This impacted Postgres apps the most. As Postgres tends to utilize all available memory it’s more vulnerable to something taking up excess.

We’ve rolled back the change so it should be fixed shortly.


OK thank you

Added postgres

@Sam-Fly mine did the same, but the grafana metrics aren’t pulling through anymore since the OOM crash. I’ve restarted the machine etc and no luck. The machine is up and running fine, though, so not a dealbreaker or anything.

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