PostgreSQL DB resource limits reached

My PostgreSQL machine went down today with the following logs:

2023-07-31T01:34:28Z app[5683936f609d8e] ord [warn]Virtual machine exited abruptly
2023-07-31T01:44:37Z health[5683936f609d8e] ord [error]Health check for your postgres vm has failed. Your instance has hit resource limits. Upgrading your instance / volume size or reducing your usage might help.

I resized the volume and got the DB back up but I can’t figure out what limits I hit which means I don’t know what monitoring to set up to prevent this from happening again.

How do I figure out when I’m close to the limits?

I’m seeing the same error this morning. I’m assuming it has to do with an auto update to v2. I suspect the “resource limits” message is a red herring, but haven’t been able to figure it out yet.

I’m posting here as an upvote - hopefully someone has already seen this and solved it.

I’m back up and running now. Just had to restart my db machine: fly machine restart <machine-id> -a <app-name>. Here’s the post that pointed me towards this: PG machines had disruption and never came back

Note that I also updated my rails app to v2 - I’m pretty sure that wasn’t a contributing factor to my db coming back up, but posting here just in case others have issues that a machine restart doesn’t solve.

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