Our Production DB has failed connections for over 13 hours now

We are running a Phoenix web app in Elixir, getting many reports like

** (DBConnection.ConnectionError) connection not available and request was dropped from queue after 1026ms. This means requests are coming in and your connection pool cannot serve them fast enough. You can address this by:

  1. Ensuring your database is available and that you can connect to it
  2. Tracking down slow queries and making sure they are running fast enough
  3. Increasing the pool_size (although this increases resource consumption)
  4. Allowing requests to wait longer by increasing :queue_target and :queue_interval

See DBConnection.start_link/2 for more information

I tried open proxy to connect to prod db using psql. The psql command is frozen hanging, seemingly blocked by a firewall.
That’s why even though our db-app has 1 running (started) machine (by the way we expect 6 running machines normally), our website cannot reach DB at all.

That’s why even with 1 running (started) machine, our website cannot reach DB at all

https://fly.io/apps/<our-db-name>/volumes says Failed to list volumes ;
https://fly.io/apps/<our-prod-db-name>/machines page says There was an error loading machines.
But we see no incidents on flyio status page, should they be investigated by the support team now?
This is serious. We emailed the support email inbox 13 hours ago, and have not received any response.
Anyone with any advice or clue as to what’s happening?

We had to create a new DB app, and the new one works.

Added elixir, volumes

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