Orphaned app

Hi, Flyers!

I was playing with Postgres the other day and I tried to create an app with a name “postgres-ha-example”. AFAIR it failed claiming that that name was already used. No problem, I used a different one and it succeeded.

Today, I wanted to play with HA Postgres and for debugging purposes I started with listing existing volumes using flyctl but I got this:

➜ fly volumes list
Run "fly version update" to upgrade.
Error failed retrieving volumes: Could not find App "postgres-ha-example"

fly apps list does not return that app. Also, if I try above command with -a $APP_NAME, it works correctly.

Unfortunately, it propagates further and I can’t create new volumes:

➜ flyctl volumes create pg_data --region fra --size 1
Error Could not find App "postgres-ha-example"

It seems like that initial failure left some artifacts in the database which fails some requests now. Has anyone experienced something like this before?

Hi @admb, do you have a fly.toml in your working directory with the line

app = "postgres-ha-example"

in it?

flyctl checks for a fly.toml to tell it which app to act on, if you don’t specify it with a flag.

That was it. I cloned an exemplary repo and started working in it on a different app. Thanks!

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