Failed to extend Postgres volume

Hi, maybe somebody have an idea why I cannot extend my Postgres volume.
I do the following steps:

fly volumes list -a “postgres-db-name”

fly volumes extend “id from prev step” -s 5

After these actions I get: Error: failed to extend volume: failed to extend volume vol_7r1391q8yn910xz4: Volume not found (Request ID: 01HFE4ZAGQKBHJDHVT14HZZ147-waw)

Hey there. Is it possible you’re inside an app folder with a fly.toml?

If that’s the case fly vol extend will think that the app name is from the fly.toml app.

Try: fly vol extend ID_HERE-s 5 -a postgres-db-name

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Yes, I was inside an app folder with a fly.toml (checked it multiple times) and for some reason it couldn’t find the correct db (maybe there is some issue because I have multiple organizations)

But anyway, your solution with adding -a postgres-db-name helped me and now it works. Thanks a lot.

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